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Retrenchment & Continued Employability Career Transition & Outplacement Solutions

The Career Star Group (global) and The Human Capital Group (Africa) provide career transition and outplacement solutions to companies and their executives and employees affected by restructuring, downsizing and hence retrenchments.

Global Career Transition & Outplacement Solutions


Restructuring, Downsizing, Rightsizing, Negotiated Separation,

Career Transition, Redeployment, Outplacement, Continued Employability


Our outplacement offering consists of 2 broad components:


1  Working with Management


Planning for Redeployment and Restructuring:

Planning downsizing to help develop pragmatic and sensitive termination policies, schedules, and communication plans;


Redundancy Meeting:

A representative from The Human Capital Group can be on site in any location where a client has a termination event, whether one employee or many.


Manager Training:

Managers invariably fulfil a key role in the change process; we provide training and coaching to management teams when they faced with restructuring and employee terminations.



Our team is available to help clients plan internal and external communications when change and restructuring and downsizing takes place.



2.  Executing the Career Transition & Outplacement Process With Executives, Professionals, Management & General Staff.

Senior Executives.


Senior executives and board directors have very specific career management needs.

We couple our career management expertise with additional support to address the unique requirements of a senior executive in terms of global brand management, international networking opportunities and mobility, career resilience and anti-fragility.




Professionals increasingly face career strategy challenges in the rapidly ever-changing global economy.

We engage in intense career strategy and scenario planning and career strategy implementation and execution interventions with professionals in order to facilitate career agility, career resilience and career anti-fragility.


Group Programs.


Our high-energy workshops focus on the individual and their career while supported in a group setting.

The workshops offer a cost-effective solution where large numbers of employers are involved in can be coupled with individual group coaching   

The Career Star Group



The Career Star Group is the pre-eminent employability, career transition and outplacement organisation on the globe. We have more than 1000 offices in more than 100 countries on all the continents. (

The Human Capital Group

The Human Capital Group is the execution arm of the Career Star Group on the African continent.

We have worked for companies, amongst others, in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Angola, Botswana. (

Brian Wasmuth (managing partner of The Human Capital Group) can be contacted on or at our offices in Johannesburg on +27 11 8815430 or in Cape Town on +27 21 976 6304. 

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