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Ronald Laxton joins The Human Capital Group

Ronald joined The Human Capital Group in 2023 after a career as a mature and consummate business executive, with experience of success in establishing and leading and managing successful businesses, especially in the technology solutions space.

Ronald’s involvement in the technology solutions environment spans more than 3 decades.

His expertise in the technology solutions arena is varied and expansive, including ERP systems, supply chain management, inventory management, and digital enablement.

His last corporate assignment was as the managing director of the South African operations of Netstock, a multinational American software solutions provider in the inventory management space.

During his career in the solutions design and integration arena, Ronald has developed an international business network spanning several continents and a number of sovereignties in Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

Throughout his career, Ronald has displayed exceptional organisation leadership abilities. His ability to implement and manage change and transformation initiatives is well developed.

Ronald’s record of success includes

●       the ability to develop and execute on a go to market strategy with an executive team, especially in the tech/software arena;

●       experience at turning around failing and/or problematic projects;

●       the ability to facilitate strategic thinking both at executive level as well as with management and functional teams (e.g. customer success, sales, marketing, ICT, finance, et cetera.


At this mature stage of his career, Ronald continues to provide and facilitate executive coaching, mentoring, counselling, and business coaching interventions.  His business coaching services include:

  • Coaching for organizational growth & scaling

  • Higher level business planning & the use of Objectives & Key Results (“OKRs”) for devolving strategic objectives within an organisation.

Ronald also provides executive search and specialist sourcing solutions to clients.

Ronald is well-qualified and holds a B.Th. (Honours) degree and a number of computer and software and technology related certifications.

Ronald can be contacted on


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